Setting Details

General notes

  • Firearms are as powerful as any other weapon, not show-stoppers.
  • Gifted and koldun must make a mystical Challenge roll whenever spending a style die for effect, but not “just for MOD”. Mystical Challenge TNs are between the extremes of very easy and very difficult. People with these powers are looked upon as powerful and dangerous, but not necessarily awe-inspiringly so.
  • Poison is harmful, but not deadly (at least to PCs). Most poison simply does MOD damage, but some rare poisons linger in the system, weakening the victim until cured.

Starting location details

  • The island is known to the few Crailese who know of its existence as “Abydos”.
  • Abydos is a small island, about 5 miles in diameter, with a large lake dominating the center.
  • Around 60 exiles live on Abydos, about half of whom have no combat skills whatsoever (political dissidents, mad alchemists, philosophers with dangerous ideas, etc.). The exiles live in a rough community on the western side of Abydos. Those with gifts are fettered. The eastern side is dominated by a small keep, where the island’s guards reside and exiles who “act up” are kept in detention areas. A few particularly dangerous persons are jailed here.
  • The island is guarded by several dozen Crailese Falcons, most of whom consider themselves unlucky to be assigned there. About a dozen Falcons are in the keep at any given time, while the others are out patrolling or keeping the peace amongst the exiles.
  • A resupply ship comes once a month with supplies for the soldiers, any new exiles, any guards newly assigned to Abydos duty, food, and so forth. It lands on the lake and stops at a dock on the east side, near the keep.

Setting Details

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