Notes - Episode 4

Session recap

When we last left our heroes they had just reached the end of Abydos Island’s northern peninsula, where a previously-hidden underground Kroyu facility had recently been unearthed. After descending the cliff face (with varying dergees of success) the band entered the ruins. Information gleaned from surviving scraps of paper indicated that it was an advanced research facility, developing advanced, experimental kolduncraft around the end of the Last Kroyu War. The base was abandoned when the testing of the island killer superweapon on Kroy backfired, and all personnel and ships were immediately sent from Abydos to Kroy for evacuation.

The heroes solved puzzles, found items of amazing Kroyu technology that had been left behind, evaded dangerous traps, accidentally set the smaller-scale prototype island killer to self-destruct, and escaped the massive explosion on a cutting-edge skyship piloted by Willem’s new automaton sidekick, Bao.


Willem: Bao, Good [+2] Sidekick. Note: Willem has purchased this and made it permanent.

  • Fortes: Good [+2] Shield Generator, Good [+2] Skysailor, Average [0] Gift: Unicorn.
  • Foible: Will not directly harm humans
  • Techniques: Shield Generator: Situtation: Protecting a human, Gift: Unicorn: Heal.

Roderigo: Thunderbird shocker, Good [+2] Gear.

  • Basically a short range taser. It’s a Tym wand engraved with lightning bolt patterns down its length and a thunderbird carving as the pommel. The user can project either a stunning bolt (causing failure ranks) or a damaging bolt (causing wound ranks). The device holds 4 charges, but a damaging bolt uses two charges per shot. There is a 1 in 6 chance of the device backfiring, affecting the wielder instead.

Sebastian: Good [+2] Gift: Griffin

  • Foible: Glows Red when Active.

Zora: Bolt of one-sided cloth, can be made into an item of Good [+2] Gear.

  • A unique form of kolduncraft fabric. One side appears to be rich, well-spun cloth, but the other side is invisible – or rather, the eye slides off of it, making it hard to notice and look at. Additional koldun magic has made the fabric exceptionally durable and impact-resistant (like a thin, super-flexible kevlar). The fabric may be made into an article of clothing – such as a cloak or shirt and breeches – a blanket, a sack, a sword sheath cover, or almost anything else the user desires. One item may be created, no matter the size. Any extra may be lost due to experimentation on how to best craft with the unique properties of the fabric, as part of the tailor’s fee, or something else.

Story Hooks

Willem: Alchemy

Roderigo: Aristocrat

Notes - Episode 4

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