Willem LeKroy

6'1" straight dark hair, fit. Likes clothing with lots of pockets.


My name? They call me Willem LeKroy.

I must confess, I’m known to have a foible or two, such as my obsession with my Kroyu heritage.

My strongest desire, my greatest hope, my motivation is to have recognition for my skills as an inventor. Good [+2]

I must admit my nationality is Crailese. Good [+2]

And my past, which has helped make me what I am today is Renegade Inventor. Expert [+4]

You might say my swashbuckling forte is Dangerous Weapons. Good [+2]
Swashbuckling techniques: Idiom: Calculating; Gear: with Snapbladed Weapons

Fortes? Why yes, I’ve several!
Good [+2] Alchemy
Average [+0] Medicine
Average [+0] Gear: Snapbladed Pistol
Good [+2] Gear: Bao

And Techniques? Certes, monsieur!
Unchained: Gear: With Items of My Own Creation


My earliest memories are of my mother regaling me with tales of my grandfather, an engineer and risk-tester for one of the great Kroyu weapons laborotories. With each tale my own desire to help our world advance to the future was greater inflamed.

And so, at the earliest opportunity I apprenticed myself to the largest gunworks in Crail I could avail myself of. It is with no false modesty that I attest that I was gifted, far more so than other apprentices in my workgroup, and what’s more, I had a similar gift for using the efforts of my hard work. Seeking to challenge myself, I progressed from barrels to blades to springs studying the work of bladesmiths and clockmakers, and even turned my attention to the subtle science of alchemy for a time so as to provide myself with the powder and essences needed to make the creations of my mind function.

After my master had declared my education complete, I opened up a small laborotory in a narrow alley—not much, but all I could afford with my meager savings. My first creations were far better than even I had dreamed, though I only found out later the devestation my rotary cannon caused as I found myself snatched from my home and deported before I could outfit another pirate with a similar weapon. They took my lab and my tools, but I will not be brought down so easily—I have acquired a pistol and outfitted it with a snap-blade. I will leave this place and gain the recognition I justly deserve!

Willem LeKroy

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