Viktor Perrini

Flamboyant ace pilot


Foible: Showoff.

Motivation: Good [+2] Fame.

Nationality: Good [+2] Crailese.

Past: Good [+2] Duelist.

Swashbuckling Forte: Expert [+4] Skysailor.

Other Fortes: Good [+2] Wingman and Good [+2] Crailese Falcon.

Techniques: Skysailor: Situation: Piloting glider, Maneuver: Evasive Action. Unchained: Idiom: Flashy

Style Dice: 0


Viktor is a very skilled skysailor who specializes in piloting gliders. He is able to perform daring and exciting aerial maneuvers to impress and intimidate. His dream is to be renowned worldwide for his spectacular flying skills.

His mother was a former Colronan Royalist, and his father was a Crailese trader. Grew up well-to-do, and fell in with the dueling crowd, where he became popular for his flashy style. When his father died he was forced to get a job as a sailor on a merchant vessel. He quickly took to the profession, gaining knowledge of all aspects of flight, but it wasn’t until he learned to pilot gliders that he discovered his true calling in life. He then worked as a mail courier, braving the seven skies to deliver valuable messages quickly. He joined the Falcons when a captain learned of his skills and decided to recruit him. He quickly rose to the rank of Lieutenant due to his likable manner and exceptional piloting skills. Viktor is currently stationed on Abydos, working as an aerial patrol unit alongside his gunner, Boris Eagle-eye.

Viktor Perrini

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