Sir Sebastian Iagoson

I haven't found my character sheet, but here is what i can remember. When I find the sheet I will edit it.


Foible: I must hide my feminine nature.

Motivation: Good [+2] Love

Nationality: Good [+2] True Colronan (obviously a Royalist)

Past: Good [+2] Aristocrat (Knight)

Swashbuckling Forte: Master [+6] Colronan Musketeer

Swashbuckling Techniques:

  • Situation: While working in concert with my twin, Sir Roderigo

Other Fortes:

  • Good [+2] Disguise


  • with twin – Colronan Muskateer
  • man – disguise
  • fighting against Zultanistas
    Training Points: 0



Sir Sebastian Iagoson

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