"Doctor" Henri Bleakheart

Crailese Falcon fascinated by human experimentation


Foible: Cowardly

Motivation: Good [+2] Inflict Pain.

Nationality: Good [+2] Crailese.

Past: Good [+2] Alchemist.

Swashbuckling Forte: Good [+2] Crailese Falcon.

Other Fortes: Good [+2] Gift: Unicorn, Good [+2] Poisons, and Good [+2] Sanctum: Workshop.

Techniques: Crailese Falcon: Situation: Superior Numbers, Situation: Flanking, Weapon: Truncheon, Gift: Unicorn: Maneuver: Cause Harm

Style Dice: 0

Training Points: 0

Good [+2] Sanctum: Workshop, Average [+0] Alchemical Laboratory, and Average [+0] Surgery.


Henri Bleakheart is a a small, thin man with dark hair and a pale complexion. A sergeant in the Falcons, he is nevertheless disliked by many other officers in the force because of his strange ways and peculiar fascination with causing pain and torture.

Sgt. Bleakheart, called “The Doctor” by those who work with him, was born with the gift of the Pegasus. He hasn’t been discharged from the Falcons primarily due to this useful talent, which he officially uses to heal wounded Falcons. Unofficially, he uses his talent in covert torture investigations, where he excels due to his ability to keep his victims alive longer than most other torturers could. Secretly, he obtains various “unmentionables” from the dregs of society in order to devise the most cruel experiments and tortures, gleefully reveling in the pain and horror he causes.

A coward at heart, Bleakheart is opportunistic in combat, striking when his opponent is distracted by one of his allies. He disdains the use of the sword, preferring to use his truncheon to disable his opponent before sequestering them in his workshop for “experimentation”.

"Doctor" Henri Bleakheart

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