Captain Rigaldow

Current ranking officer of the Falcons on Abydos


Foible: Afraid of Heights.

Motivation: Good [+2] Get the Job Done.

Nationality: Good [+2] Crailese.

Past: Good [+2] Skysailor.

Swashbuckling Forte: Expert [+4] Crailese Falcon.

Other Fortes: Good [+2] Reputation and Good [+2] Minions: Subordinates.

Techniques: Fencing: Idiom: Calculating, vs. Criminals, Weapon: Saber, Maneuver: Off-hand Punch. Crailese Falcon: Situation: Crime Scene.

Style Dice: 1

Training Points: 2


Captain Bors Rigaldow is a Falcon of Crail. He is currently assigned as the commanding officer of the exile colony Abydos. He is about 6 feet tall and somewhat stout. He wears his dark wavy hair past his ears, and has mutton chops.

Unlike many of those under his command, Captain Rigaldow does not mind being assigned to Abydos. He considers the time away from Crail as oddly refreshing, even if he does have to deal with a motley assortment of criminals and outcasts every day. He is patriotic and loyal to Crail, but he tends to be harsh to those he sees as lawbreakers, considering them to have forfeited their rights upon choosing to commit crime. As such, he generally turns a blind eye towards cruelty done to prisoners by those under his command.

Due to a childhood incident, Bors has a phobia of heights. When traveling on a ship he will remain below deck as much as possible, and avoids his keep’s walls.

His Forte of Minions: Subordinates means that he has nine Good [+2] Crailese Falcon Minions.

Captain Rigaldow

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