Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies

Research and Development

History gained...and destroyed.

The kroyu complex was most everything I could have imagined.

The descent down the edge of the island could have gone better, although I must admit I was a bit rushed and didn’t examine the roots I wove into a crude descending rope as closely as I should have. The rope placement, however, was accurate and I landed at the ‘entrance’, scarcely the worse for wear, with the exception of seeing a few stars. My erstwhile compatriots are as exemplary physically as I am mentally, and reached me with little difficulty. Seeing this, I allowed the colronan, Roderigo, to precede me, acting as ablative armor against any traps. I wasn’t too concerned for his health, as he had shown the exemplary constitution the physically preoccupied often do, and at any rate I had a spare.

The complex had been cleared out, and not by the crailese. Most everything of value had been taken although they weren’t able to take everything. Sadly, they were able to take all the research notes—the facility was a weapons research laboratory, likely the very one my ultimate grandfather worked at—but a few items of value remained behind, as well as several of the facility’s anti-intrusion measures which, while still functional, were not enough to keep us at bay.

The first item of interest we found was contained in a chest that was apparently left behind as the researchers had lost the combination, although enough clues were found by my sharp eyed companions that we were able to puzzle out the combination and found within an amount of one-sided ballistic cloth, just enough to make a reversible stealth outfit for the barathi.

The next piece of useful detritus was a still charged shockrod stumbled over by Roderigo’s sibling, who I believe goes by Sebastian. Roderigo has since taken possession of the item—it may serve him well.

Shortly after, we found our way into the applied kolduncraft laboratory, where we found an experiment beyond value—the essence of a gift made manifest! With some effort, Sebastian was able to reach it and now bears the gift of the Griffin, although the craft was apparently not yet perfected, as Sebastian glows bright red whenever the gift is in use.

Later we found the automata workshop and I discovered a useful ally—a defense automaton that I have designated as Bao. Bao can project defensive fields and is programmed to pilot skyships, a useful trait that we were lacking as a party. The rest of my compatriots seemed just as excited at my discovery as I was—they were certainly out of breath at my disclosure.

However, Bao was hardly the find of the day, for in the hangar was a functional skyship! What’s more, the chamber beyond the hangar was a testing range that held the most magnificent weapon I have ever seen. We tried to test it using a scrap of protocol sheet found earlier. Sadly, the protocol found was not the firing protocol, but the self-destruct. Bao was able to get the ship’s flight protocols in gear as I determined the means of opening the bay doors, and we left the R&D center just in time. This is a true fortuosity, as now we don’t need to attempt to take the Falcon’s warship. We can just pick up Vanloas promised and find our own way out. I look forward to seeing the capabilities of this ship, the Astarte.


An excellent recap of our latest episode – your best entry thus far! Good form! Certainly worth a style die at our next session.

Research and Development
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